• Morrison Fully Synthetic SN series

  • Morrison Fully Synthetic SN Series engine oil is blended with highest quality additive and basestock. This consist of 100% group 3 oil. Power Up Fully Synthetic SN is a mid SAPS passenger car lubricant suitable for new vehicles with high output, low emossion, turbo charged or GDI engines which are commonly found in continental vehicles. With the high viscousity index and uncompromised additive package, Morrison Fully Synthetic SN offers high performance due to its high durability, high oxidation and dispersant additives. Also Group 3 basestock allows it to be more durable than other categories of oil. It is also mroe fuel saving and emission is cleane

1. Ensures maximum engine performance and power.

2. Highly recommended for both smaller engines and high performance bigger engines capacity

3. Recommended Min. 10,000km per oil change, but not more than 15,000km. (This is subjected to engine in good condition, for worn ou engine shorter mileage per oil change).

4. Reduces carbon, acid and sludge formations.

5. Ensures smoother, cooler and quieter engines.

6. Protection against engine internal corrosion.

7. Keeps engine running clean and efficient.

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